Country Walk Subdivision








New Castle

Van Buren Twp, MI 48111


How do I Modify My Home

Homeowners intending to modify or alter the exterior appearance of any unit shall submit a modification form for review by the Architectural Control Committee. Modification forms can be found in the homeowner’s area of associations.

How can I rent my house

Co-owner may lease his Unit and dwelling provided written disclosure of such lease transition is submitted to the Board in the manner specified in subsection below:

  • No Co-owner shall lease less than an entire unit and no tenant shall be permitted to occupy except under written lease, the initial term of which is at least 12 months unless approved in writing by the Association
  • Lessee must comply with the rules and regulation of the Association
  • Failure to comply with rules and regulation constitutes a default under the lease
  • Board has the power to terminate the lease or to institute an action to evict the tenant and for the money damages

Leasing procedures

  • Notify Association in writing at least 10 before presenting lease form to potential lessee
  • Supply Association with a copy of the exact lease form for its review
  • If no lease form used supply name and address of potential leases, rental amount and due date
  • Co-owners who don’t live at the unit must keep Association informed of their current address and phone number(s)

Violation by tenants

  • Association shall notify Co-owner by certified mail advising of violation
  • Co-owner has 15 day to correct the breach
  • After 15 days the breach has not been cured or may be repeated Association may institute action for eviction and seek money damage against the Co-owner

For more detailed information check you association handbook

How do I submit issues with common areas

If you have any issues concerning the common area please contact Jamie Goforth at Your Peace of Mind.



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