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This website is for the members of the Country Walk Homeowner's Association located in Van Buren Township. It will allow homeowner easy access to many resources including the by-laws, fees, budget, meeting announcements and minutes, etc.

Certain content on this website is password-protected for privacy reasons. To request a login to be able to view the protected content, please send an email to with your name, address, association to which you belong, telephone number, and email address and you will be granted access after confirmation of your identity.

Road Construction

Attention Country Walk I Road Work

The road work for Country Walk 1 is now scheduled for the third week of June.  It was postponed last year because when the contractor came out to reseal the roads cars were still parked on the street.  This years any car left on the street during this time may be subject to towing.



The landscaping renovations to the East Front Entrance (Country Walk Blvd) is now complete.  The center island was weeded, equipped with landscaping fabric along with mulch. If there are any complaints about the work performed or problems with the contractor submit the issue to

Keep in mind that there is more than one landscaping contractor servicing the community. If you have an issue, be sure to specify the area along with the street so the correct contractor can be notified.


Walking Path

The Board if Country Walk I received several complaints about the quality of the work perform on the walking path.  Additional work will be perform to fix the issues.


County Walk Garage Sale

The Fall Sub-wide Garage Sale will take place on September 8, 2019.



The board is receiving complaints about vehicles parked in the intersections. In addition, vehicles are parked too close to the stop signs. Per Michigan law parking is prohibited within 15 feet of an intersection. Beginning October when vehicles are parked in or too close to the intersections the Van Buren police department will be called and those vehicles will be ticketed.


Electronic Payments Available
Paying your association dues just became easier because electronic payment is now available. Now dues can be paid through Electronic Funds Transfer, direct debit from saving or checking accounts, or through Credit Card. So, no more worrying about stamps or messing with checks. To access the credit card payment site Click Here.


Garbage Cans
Garbage can should not be visible from the street. They should be stored in the garage or on the side of the garage on a pre-approved surface AND blocked by landscaping.


Street Trees
Though it may seem that the City or the Association is responsible for the street trees planted between the sidewalk and the street it is the homeowner that is responsible for its maintenance and care.


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